Going All In on the Pitching Rejection Game

Going All In on the Pitching Rejection Game

Two days ago I got an email from my previously reliable copywriting gig that essentially said due to unforeseen budget cuts there is very little work for me the rest of the year. After a good few hours of full-on panic, my thinking transformed to this is totally an opportunity. 

This gig paid well and the consistent work covered all my bills and then some so I had very little motivation to throw myself wildly into the freelance pitching game. Now I have no choice.

Truth is, I don’t want to be a copywriter. I want to be a writer. And somehow I’ve drifted a bit from that idea this summer. 

Thankfully I just read the most wonderful advice on rejection last week so my pitching wheels were already turning. Blair Braverman tackled creative life rejection in her Outside Online advice column, On Getting Rejected a Lot (and Liking It), and suggested tallying rejections – “You’re not collecting acceptances; you’re collecting rejections.” What a fantastic way to think about it! 

Blair suggested making a goal for number of rejections and then coming up with a super indulgent prize after you’ve met it. “Instead of being disappointed when things don’t work out, be happily surprised when they do.”

The idea is to have dozens of things going on at once so you don’t end up with all of your heart into one idea. If you get a rejection, you have a zillion other ideas and won’t be as bummed since you’ve already moved on to your next possibilities.

In The Freelancer’s Year piece on pitch rejection, Lindy suggests to send a pitch and forget about it. Don’t sit around waiting to hear back from editors, just keep working – “A pitch is one idea. There are plenty more where that came from. So I changed my mindset from waiting for editors to get back to me to sending query letters, getting my zen on and letting the idea go.”

And this is exactly what I plan to do. I’ve erased my inspirational quote of the moment from the whiteboard above my desk and replaced it with REJECTIONS where I’ll tally each rejection note and treat myself to something fantastic (yet to be determined) once I reach 50. I’ve got to send myself out there in bulk if I’m going to make this happen and what a fun way to do it!

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